NZ Herald’s VIVA – Fashion for the Boys?


Creative winter looks, Who are the most stylish men in town? Must-have casual garments and Top grooming tips.

The New Zealand Herald’s Viva Section today boasted to tell us all sorts of brilliant information for us ‘fashion conscious boys’. When I first saw the front cover of today’s NZ Herald and there was a "FASHION FOR THE BOYS" article I was immediately there. The section was mainly filled with woman’s clothing adverts but, it did contain a few interesting interviews with BENNY CASTLES of World Man, PHIL HOWLING Warner Music, Dan Simmons of Mimosa Creative Sheldon, Edwards of Little Black Crown boutique and NAT CHESHIRE of Cheshire Architects. The rest of the article was fairly dull, most of it filled with adverts advertising woman’s jewellery, skirts and even a whole heap of furniture adverts. There was also a section on how to wash yourself, a sports clothes section and a double page spread with a few shots of a guy in pretty boring a plain clothes.


All in all, if you got today’s paper and had I look i hope you weren’t as disappointed as me. Who knows maybe you went after looking at Viva’s back cover and bought a new couch.


Inside a book you may always remain safe, it’s brilliant.


some friends unfortunately saw the, um, unusual arrangement of sock/stockings i had on, when they all decided to lay on the bonnet and roof of the car while i was trying to park. a somewhat scary experience.